Welcome to readyK at Moore Elementary School!

readyK is an innovative program developed by special area teachers at Moore Elementary to advance brain stimulation and brain development by integrating cross-curricular areas of art, guidance, library, music and physical education. Experiences and activities of readyK prepare brains and bodies of young children for success in the classroom.

Daily participation in readyK anchors concepts, knowledge and skills. The program addresses readiness challenges of kindergarten children more effectively than traditional 30-minute classes meeting once or twice weekly. Repetition, intensity and frequency of daily participation in readyK produce first grade students well prepared to learn reading, writing and mathematics. Students who have participated in readyK also demonstrate skills and confidence in all special areas (art, guidance, library, music and physical education), far surpassing results obtained prior to implementation of readyK.
Every child . . . Every day . . . Every discipline
Comments about readyK

First grade teacher at Moore Elementary – “At the beginning of the year, the focusing, attending to my directions, remembering routines, sequences of events, and self-management skills are much better (compared to previous classes without readyK instruction)."

Parent of a child with sensory integration dysfunction – "It's amazing how readyK has helped my child to focus, and be ready to learn and concentrate."

Visitor comments – "Fantastic! Opened my mind to the importance and relationship of movement on the brain."

"My mind is spinning with all the things I want to do for my students."

"I love your methodology and perspective - changing with the times! Awesome!"

"The obvious collaboration of the readyK team.... is inspiring in your staff."